Sadotsan Bina Company is active specialized as hunting devices, bird watching and Nature trip and supply of marine optical equipments.

Environmentalists and hunting lovers/fans need to a variety of facilities for their needs; one of these facilities is hunting binoculars, equipment or generally environmental observation equipment and finding hunt in environment. Depending on the hunters habits - hunting area, and the type of hunting, List of  binocular telescope and Rang finders and Rifle scopes, also utilize by users-due to  the optical devices are in contact with the human visual sense; quality and their accuracy is very important. So that the using of poor quality and non-standard camera even can cause damage to eyesight and eye injury for users .

Sadotsan bina Company is Exclusive companies’ optics equipment maker from German for Binocular Telescope, and rangefinder Dear users with technical advice and expertise in selecting and purchasing the most appropriate equipment to accompany.

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